Our history

AAVO was founded in 1956 by Francis and Guy Van Oost. After a few years, Daniel Fache joined the team.
With 60 years of existence, the AAVO office today counts more than 45 collaborators, architects, engineers, CAD designers, graphic designers, …
Located in the heart of the Eurometropolis, the projects have flourished well beyond national borders thanks to a presence in France but also outside Europe with projects in Latin America, the United States and also in Asia through the Belgian BDNA partnership in Singapore.
The values ​​cultivated by AAVO are summed up in the 4 initials which form its reason:

Architect   Association   for   Vision   and   Operation.

If the human is at the heart of the architecture, the office AAVO finds its essence in an association of women and men implementing their complementarity in the service of a project, the architecture being always the fruit of a reflection multiple.

AAVO has always been careful to cultivate non-formal architecture and to adapt its human and technological capacity to the requirements of each project, both through its own resources and through external associations.

Each project is the result of a dialogue between the project manager and the executives, the AAVO office has always produced a visionary architecture combining both aesthetics and operational imperatives.

If the quality of architecture is illustrated by the search for comfort through a reflection on both the spaces and the use of natural light, the realization of projects always favors the choice of technical solutions that meet the expectations of the master but with strict budgetary constraints, planned deadlines, energy efficiency and sustainability.
It is this visionary quality of construction that has allowed AAVO to sign multiple BREEAM certified projects.